The beautiful white horse

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse – story in a nutshell

  • William Saroyan is the writer of this short story.
  • The story is about the childhood incident of two Armenian boys named Aram and Mourad who are cousins.
  • They are from the Garoghlanian family and their tribe has a reputation as an honest tribe.
  • Their tribe was very poor and could hardly meet their needs.
  • Once Mourad stole a horse from a farmer whose name was John Byro and presented it to Aram.
  • Aram was also aware of the fact. They didn’t let anyone know about the incidence and rode the horse for weeks.
  • One day the farmer noticed the two boys with his horse but he didn’t blame them as they were well known for their honesty.
  • John Byro was sure about his horse but he couldn’t dare to speak a single word against the moral principles of the tribe.
  • This was a heart-breaking experience for the boys. Out of guilt, they decided to return the horse to the farmer.
  • They kept the horse on the same spot from where it was stolen. John became very happy to get his horse again.
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