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Quality Assurance and Automation

What is QA Automation?

Whenever you develop a software, you need to test it before it goes into the market. From minor issues to big security assurance, your product must pass every test. There is no second chance in this fast and dynamic market competition. Any software shouldn’t have a single user experience issue in this tough and ever changing market. Specially those software that require frequent updates need Automated QA testing. QA automation is another set of software that is used to test your software. Depending on the type of your software, you have to choose specific QA testing tools. Earlier Software Quality Assurance testing was a task of the humans. It took hours for them to complete a QA testing.

Why QA testing is so important ?

Automated QA testing is a big boon for the software development industry. SaaS businesses can save their valuable time and money by using this testing. The goal of automated QA testing is to lessen testing efforts. It helps in developing high quality software with much less efforts. Various free sources of automation testing are available for beginners.

Software Testing


  • Automated QA testing reduce human testing efforts.
  • There is very less chance of error.
  • It reduce the cost of testing to a considerable extent.
  • A developer can save his or her valuable time.
  • It can carry out thousands of test simultaneously unlike manual testing.
  • It can measure the quality of various metrics.

How they are different from traditional methodologies?

How they would benefit customers to increase their revenue?

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