About Us

EduVA Rangia is a private educational institute in the suburb of Rangia town in Assam. Started under the sole leadership of Saleem Murtaza Kamal, Eduva Rangia offers its various services under the following domains – Tutoring, Coaching, Professional Training, Computer Applications, Consultancy and Academic Writing. Some of these services are solely online, some are solely offline based while some others fall in both categories. 

Our present team strength is eight who are dedicated and hard-working creatures. We craft our online courses and coaching packages. We are committed to the families we serve, providing support and encouragement. 

Apart from imparting traditional knowledge, our services are directed towards acquiring knowledge and skills in the fields of AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Data Science and IoT. 

Enrollment 20

In our Offline Premise, we enroll not more than 20 students for a particular course, category or class. This is done on the basis of an entrance examination and first-come, first-served basis.

Our Mission

To make a child familiar with a technology-driven learning environment, fostering at the same time, his or her social, moral, creative and intellectual instincts. Our role is to make your child’s fanciful ideas sync with real life. Moving a step ahead, we shape aspiring youths to become GENUINE teachers. 

Our Vision 

To make a student capable of building a product or a service. By products/services, we mean physical as well as digital products/services. The idea is to make every student build a product or a service that can add value to society. Apart from this, we want our small and loving Rangia to gleam in the educational space by becoming a global household reach. 

Our Core Values

To be kind and caring towards everyone we encounter. 

To remain honest in every aspect of the services. 

To accept responsibility for what we say and do.

To thrive for sustainable innovations.  

Please call us at +91-9101989223

Mail us [email protected]

or visit our premises.