Social geography work

Social Geography and its career scopes

Social geography deals with the relation between society and space (spatial components). Within a society, it focuses on the various divisions like class, ethnicity and religion to some extent and a variety of other elements like age, sexual orientation, gender etc.

Social Aspects of everyday life

We form various interactions with other people (family, friends and strangers) while living in a society. Social aspects covers how we interact with others in a society through language and rules.

Space has a contribution in constructing the various social aspects of human life. In some areas, mustard oil is used while some areas depend on coconut oil.

In social geography, you’ll study the social relations, social identities and social inequalities from a spatial perspective. We often speak terms like the poor, the differently abled, the rich, the Muslims, the Hindus, the transgenders, the middle class etc. These are all social identities. With regard to space, you’ll will consider its variation and the processes that shaped such variation.

Geographer’s Life

Scope of social geography

The scope of a course lies in its ability to solve people’s problem directly or indirectly. As a social geographer too, you can add value to the society in a number of ways.

  • You must be able to combine social aspects with real life issues. You can work on present day burning issues like climate change and migration.
  • You can collaborate with students or experts of other fields and deliver your valuable inputs. Particularly people from the fields of sociology, management, geography and geo informatics will resonate with your expertise.
  • This subject, if properly studied, can equip with you with excellent project management, presentation and visualization skills that will sure to boost your job profile.

You can work in public administration in the government sector, research institutes or some private companies or you may individually build your services.

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