What are the various Digital Art types ?

Painting nowadays is not all about art paper and brushes but has transformed into digital art types. Evolution is a continuous process as over the years you have witnessed how traditional art has gone digital. This has also brought huge opportunities. Those days are history now when artist needed paper and canvas to bring their creativity to life. By digital art, one thing must be clear that we will have to involve with a computer.

To create digital Art you will require a computer along with software. Such software comes with various features like paint brushes, editing . These features have drawn the attention of many artists to move to digital artwork. All these features have led Artist to draw their imagination and so 2D painting become so popular.

We can call it as the shifting of real art into digital medium. The artist here uses a tablet and stylus instead of a canvas and brush. Sometimes, at first sight it is difficult to differentiate between a real artwork and 2D digital artwork. As like as in real life the artist get the option to select brush types, colors, and medium. Opacity, brush thickness, color quality and various effects which are possible with the physical brushes. It has no added effects.

Here we will check the most common types of digital art which you can also convert to NFT. To draw any form of digital art, you need a computer, tablet or a mobile device. You can use the mouse, drawing tablet or your finger. If you are a newbie and have a vague idea regarding the various types of Digital Art that can be made in computers, this post will guide you.

2D Digital Painting

2D painting is the most popular form of digital art. It is similar to painting that we do with brushes and boards but here it is done on a tablet using a stylus. The artist draws directly on a 2D digital software platform. He or she takes help from some 2D models to create the art.

3D Digital Painting

This is an extension of 2D painting. Taking the 2D as a base, an artist can create a 3D version. Here, apart from drawing, the artist is able to sculpt shapes in 3D virtual spaces. He or she can incorporate extra effects into the 3D digital illustrations. Viewers are more likely to attract or gravitate towards a 3D art instead of 2D. You must have seen 3D cinemas.

3. Algorithmic/Fractal Art

We have to apply mathematics to create this form of art. Fractal art appears at the point where art meets mathematics. This art is a computer produced thing that came into existence during mid 80s. The mathematics must be correct. Simple patterns are repeated to form fractal art. In your childhood, you must have played brick game. These are actually fractals.

Pixel Art

This kind of Art is related to videos and images in movies, video games etc. Gaming industry require this art form. Here, an artist create and edit pictures at the pixel level using a graphics editing software. The pixel art background is a group of many squares or pixels. Artists finds it easy to render characters and backgrounds with pixel art. Because Pixel Art uses less memory.

Before 90s, computers and consoles were not very powerful. As a result, they couldn’t render high resolution images. Pixel art sizes come as 16, 32, 64, 128. Unlike a 16 pixel image, you can’t distinguish the pixels easily on a 128 pixel image. The less is the pixel size, the more harder it is to gather information from the picture.

Each individual pixel is the building block that adds up to make the picture or image. It resembles mosaic art to some extent. Most of us have grew up watching this form of Art without seriously investing as to how to create it. It is raster based art that is created on a pixel by pixel level. Pixel Art has been an integral part of video games from its inception. Pixel Art or 8-bit art gets its name from retro video games. There is a lot of software to choose from some of which are pixel art specific and some are general.

Raster Painting

This type of painting is done in a raster layer or directly on a rasterized image. This form of painting has become so famous due to its high resemblance with hand painting. Raster image consists of horizontal and vertical rows of pixel. So, your image quality diminishes whenever you enlarge a raster image. They are made up of pixels and also called as bitmap image. When you scan or digitize any photograph, it becomes raster. These are the raster file types – .jpg, .gif, .tif, .psd, .bmp etc.

Vector Art

This from of art is based on mathematical lines and curves and not on pixels. So, you can enlarge or reduce a vector image in any dimension without losing quality. Browsers cannot display vector files, so most of the online art or designs are usually raster. These are the vector file types – .ai, .pdf, CDR.

Computer-generated painting

Here, an artist give several commands to the computer to get the desired art. One has to master such commands.

It is the boom of NFTs now, which is also a life time opportunity any artist should not miss. The most important thing is to market your digital artwork by entering the NFT market. Among various products which you can convert to NFT, digital artwork is at the topmost position.

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