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The concept of Brave Browser

Since a decade we have been familiar with Google chrome. With Web 3.0, some new concepts are coming in, one of which is brave browser.

The idea behind web 3.0 is to make the web a better place like never before. Web 3.0 applications will run on blockchain technology.

Brave browser also works on blockchain.

But most of us are still not clear about how brave browser differs from Google Chrome or Mozilla firefox?

The ads in brave are private. You can fully control the ads that you want to see. On seeing ads, Brave will reward with tokens. These tokens are in the form of cryptocurrency. With those tokens, you can support content creators. Only those content creators that you usually watch. In Google, we don’t have data privacy. But in Brave, our personal information is safe.

The private ads in brave will appear as normal notification from time to time depending upon the frequency you have chosen.

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