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We use polynomials
To find the motion of a particle (thing) under the influence of gravity.

Airplane, Airbus, Fly, Gravity, Wings

    Newton’s laws of motion
   The three equations of motion are

              1.  v = u + at              2.  s = ut + ½ at              3.  2as = v2 – u 
  These are actually polynomial  equations.          

Apples, Apple, Newton, Tree, Apple Tree
Newton cartoon work

Electronics use many polynomials V = IR is a polynomial.

Engineer hand draws electrical diagram — Stock Photo
series parallel diagram

   To keep records of patient’s progress especially (psychiatric), polynomials are used. 

Laptop Near Teal Stethoscope In Wooden Table
doctor keeping record

Roller Coaster Project               If you have seen cubic polynomial graphs , you can easily catch what I am trying to say.

Looping, Fivefold, Olympia Looping
roller coaster

    Polynomial means many terms .  But a polynomial cannot have infinite number of terms. Note : 7 is the term here and not -7 It consists of constants (like 2, -6 or ½) variables (like x and y)
But pi is a polynomial because this is a constant whose value (=1.4142……..) Yes 9 is a polynomial. Only one term is allowed. Polynomial can have no variable at all.
     So,  is not a polynomial.    
     So, is a polynomial 
Polynomials with 1,2 or 3 terms have certain names:
The more a polynomial is of higher order (degree), the more difficult it is to solve. Writing style deg(3x3y-4y )=4

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