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Edupreneurs must know key points about NEP 2020

The change in education system can be seen from three aspects. Unlike previous system, now equal weightage or importance will be given to vocational training and extra-curricular activities. Exam results will not be restricted to academics alone. So, that just after college, students can face the real world.

Th pedagogical structure has been divided as 5+3+3+4. Under this system, formal education is considered from 3 years of age that is from pre-school. Up to class 5, a student will be 8 years of age. By the time, a student crosses HS level, his or her age will be 18.

Changes we can see in the foundational stage.

Foundational stage is from preparatory up to class 2 – a span of 5 years divided as 3+2. 3 years in Anganwadi or pre-school and 2 years in school. More emphasis on activity-based learning. Play and multilevel concepts.

Noticeable changes in the Preparatory Stage

Class 3,4,5. Play, discovery and activity based interactive classroom learning.

Middle Stage

Class 6,7,8

Experiential learning in the sciences, mathematics, arts, social sciences and humanities.

Secondary stage

Classes 9,10,11,12. Multidisciplinary study and greater critical thinking, flexibility and students choice of subjects.

Special changes in the entire curriculum

Internship with local artists, carpenters, plumbers, gardeners etc. A 10 days bagless period will be there somewhere between class 6 to 8.

Coding from class 6 onwards. Importance of board examination will not likely to be there as it is today. I mean exam stress will be minimized.

Students will self-evaluate. Other classmate as well. Till now only teachers were evaluating. This is an importance aspect of critical thinking.

6% of GDP to be spent in education sector by the government.

Exams to be redesigned so that rote learning can be minimized. But this is yet to be implemented.

Multiple entry-exit points after class 12. Concept of drop-out is normalized. Suppose after studying one year in MBBS, one student realize that this is not his interest, he can easily shift to other courses and the credits of one year spent in MBBS will also be considered.

Drop out in first year will get certificate, drop out in 2nd year will get diploma, 3rd year a degree, 4th year a research degree. Master’s degree reduced from 2 to 1 year and 3 to 2 years.

Vocational training to be integrated.

Due to language barrier movement of people from one state to another may be reduced.

Educational decisions are now centralized day by day.

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