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5 most needed skills for students

The majority of us have a vague idea about the most needed skills for students. Even our parents carry forward a “trademark” that they will spend lakhs of rupees for their child’s degree but when it comes to learning a skill, they will think a lot. Don’t you think, as a child you are not diplomatic enough and unable to give them that much assurance? You can’t change them and you shouldn’t waste time on such issues. Reading and writing are a thing of the past now. The digital world demands digital skills. This means you have to be informed and media literate, critical problem solver, team, and technological savvy. 

In this blog post, you are going to learn about the 5 most needed skills for students which you must acquire by the time your college is over. Schools or colleges will hardly teach these skills to students simply because these things are to be done and not to be taught. To achieve what you desire in your career, you must keep developing these most needed skills for students. You don’t just take rice alone, you need a curry, some veggies, salad, fries, and water. Similarly, simply loading your brain with tons of information will end up in nothing. These are the most necessary skills for students to learn. These are like the other ingredients that make you complete and fit for an exciting career tour.

1. Communication skill

A point will come in your life when you must have to communicate. Who will give recognition to you on this planet? The animals won’t. It is the humans that will talk and think about you. So, to become successful you must communicate with other humans. A simple email or a text from you is also a form of communication. One who can control another’s attention is considered the most powerful in today’s world. 

Communication skill doesn’t mean speaking fluent English. It is the power of storytelling or how much comfort you feel as a storyteller. If your school or college is not teaching you this important skill, then you must acquire these high in-demand skills for students from somewhere else. Most of the time, because of your shyness only, you fail to acquire these high-paying skills during your college days. The majority of us fear or hesitate to speak in front of an audience.

2. Money Management

Having multiple income sources is a necessity nowadays. If you can earn some cash as a student, you must be able to save and manage it. Most of the students have a vague idea about the taxation system. The best way is to gain as much financial knowledge and keep saving money. Middle-class parents will never encourage the idea of yours earning some extra cash. It’s better not to tell them. 

Money management is one of the exciting skills for students to learn. Students must be able to differentiate between their needs and wants. Again, they will have to prioritize them according to various factors. Savings, either big or small, will help them achieve their future goals. Skipping childhood, you spend almost 10 years as a student in school and it’s good if you can very early realize the power of investing in this time.

3. Content Creation

In the digital age, it is mandatory to have a digital or virtual presence. This is where content creation sets foot. We have seen the power of blogs, videos, and social media in web 2.0 and the scenario will least likely to change during web 3.0. These tools will evolve and become more powerful and sophisticated. If you have a skill, how are you going to help or influence other people with that skill? Based on that you have to craft content that will primarily include text, audio, and video. You have to reach people with whom they usually like to hang out. When we look at the skills of students in the 21st century, we can’t skip content creation.

4. Coding or development

While establishing a web presence, you are going to realize somewhere that coding or knowledge of programming is inevitable to success. You may be from any field like Biology, Economics, or Literature but you must know how tech works or applies to your field. High in-demand skills for students like coding will not only save some of your hefty finances but also valuable time. As far as technological or IT skills for students in the 21st century is concerned, coding will be in the first place..

5. Marketing

If you start something individually, you will require excellent marketing skills. Marketing is directly going to impact your sales. In simple terms, marketing is to deliver a message to your target customers by cutting through the noise. If you are not selling, you are not growing. Whatever product or service you want to offer, if you fail to market them, how will people know about it? If nobody knows about your product or service, then what’s the point of making it? People must know that you possess a high in-demand skill that is going to benefit them. In the digital age, digital marketing is perhaps one of the most important skills for students to learn.


Well, on a college campus, nobody will ever guide you to focus on such skills for students in the 21st century. We have stepped into the digital age and as students, you need great digital skills to survive. It’s your responsibility from now onwards to work on each of them in a parallel manner. The digital economy will be an economy of individualism. Nowadays, an artist can directly reach his or her audience. He or she will have to do his or her marketing. There is no middle man in between. However, if you think you can skip any of these most needed skills, do comment and share your opinion.

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