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5 free online tools every college student must use

College education comes with added paper works and to deal with them, students must use certain free online tools. Online resources have restructured entire education system. There are lots of websites, apps or free online tools designed specifically for students to overcome college pressure. College life is such a crucial stage of life where you need to invest in yourself. Most of the time, you will find yourself stuck in the vortex of assignments and extra co-curricular activities. With these tools or apps you will find time-management super easy and can relax in your studies. So, don’t miss these free online tools that can prove as a turning point in your career path.

The goal of using an online tool is to make our lives easier. Here, we have short-listed 5 free online tools that will prove to be your best study companion during your college years. Though these tools have their premium features but with the free versions, you can get most of your job done.

Google Docs

This is one of the several features that Google provide you via Gmail or Google drive service. If you want to write any note, you must use google docs. Google docs autosave feature immediately saves what you write. You can share it with anyone in any platform like messenger, WhatsApp, email or even any platform that allows copy paste functions. The most important feature is that you never lost your notes or write ups. And there is no space utilization as it is not a physical platform. You can access it from any device anywhere. You don’t have to carry your laptop everywhere. If something happens to your laptop, you needn’t worry as Google docs is a cloud service which has nothing to do with your device memory. You can also use Google sheets and Google slides.


Grad students are overloaded with paperwork in every subject and weaknesses in English make their job far more tougher. Most students from English medium background also lack their grip over grammar or writing correct English. Grammarly helps you check errors in grammar like punctuation, sentence formation, spellings etc. It can also check plagiarism in your content. You have to simply copy your content and paste it on Grammarly and the rest will be done by the tool itself. It has also premium features but with the free features you can get your maximum job done. Regularly using Grammarly will enhance your English Grammar knowledge.


Project work has become a mandatory part of college classes these days. Almost every subject has project work or field studies and you can’t escape but creating tables and graphs. CANVA tool is best in this context. It will help you create graphs of any format within minutes. With this tool you can do all the designs that will be required in your projects. The basic designs are free. However, for the higher order designs, CANVA has premium options. So, next time you sit for a project, don’t forget to use this free online tool.

Google Scholar

This tool has a massive collection of academic research papers, dissertations, academic journals, theses, books, conference papers, technical reports, patents, etc. Particularly the post graduate students can take the benefit while formulating their theses or research related works. Among the free online tools, Google scholar has largely benefitted university students and researchers, becoming the primary source of reference. You can access the digital as well as physical copies of the materials.


During the last semester or last year of studies, college student seek for jobs. They look for potential employers to undergo internship in their respective fields. So, LinkedIn has been especially made for the purpose of connecting job seekers with employers. So, every college student must make a LinkedIn profile showcasing their career related strengths. They can upload their resume/CVs and browse a lot of internship programs across various industries. LinkedIn is free to a certain extent and that is enough for anybody to make connections. Some of the services are premium based and they are mainly for active users. To start a side-hustle while at college days, LinkedIn is the best free online tool.


But it the management is up to you. It lies in your acceptance or choice of technology or tools. You must now start using these free online tools and gear up to bring a change in you and stay ahead in the competition. Most students will be left behind because they don’t have the minimum curiosity to seek if such free online tools exist. Using these free online tools will definitely make your career path easy going and stress free. Furthermore teachers or instructors can also use these tools to manage their various activities. So, take a break from your busy college schedule and hover over these tools from now onwards!

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