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Why you must quit masturbation at once?

You know a big tree was once a seed. Often we choose the best seeds for better crop results. To quit masturbation has a relation with seed preservation. Best seeds are often preserved. One day you will get married. You will definitely want your seed to come out strong both physically and mentally. But are you preserving your seed or just wasting it? I am talking about the human seed that is semen or sperm. For your information let me just recall that sperms are the individual units of semen.

From today onwards, promise yourself one thing that you will quit masturbation at any cost. Lots of experts, even doctors, will say masturbation is ok. They will give a number of reasons as to why it is too good to masturbate. Yes, scientifically they may be correct. Often it is thought of as a stress booster. To ejaculate with your partner is ok. But self handed or masturbation is harmful in many ways. Here, I am discussing such points which you must relate with yourself and make a decision right now!

We are living in a hyper sexual world. Porn gives you a wrong idea of what sex is. There are so many inclinations there today like social media which prompt you to just go and jerk off. On the other hand, celibacy is totally a different thing. A 15-20 years span starting from adolescence stage you keep masturbating and ruin your genital and spiritual health. We live in a society where people chase physical pleasures a lot. Porn is so easily accessible. Technically there is no difference between a drug addict and a masturbation addict. Your body doesn’t want that but your mind continuously tells you just go and jerk off!

Harmful effects if you don’t quit masturbation

Living things are beautiful because they have symmetry. Masturbation will make you lose your symmetry to some degree due to which you may lose some of your facial beauty.

Mental Clarity

Continuous masturbation will affect your mental vision and eyesight. You will not be able to focus on your goals. After analyzing the semen, it was found that it contains 10% nutrients which are actually brain foods. That means by masturbating you’re preventing your brain from its food. Ayurveda is very clear about the fact that your semen moves upward and nourishes your brain.

If you want to focus on a thing that you are doing right now, you have to quit masturbation immediately. More distractions come into play from the distraction of masturbation. When your mind is clear, you become more creative at work. Often during conversation, you are not clear in your communication, thinking etc. This is nothing but the ill effects of masturbation upon you. So, if you can quit masturbation and channelize this energy into something creative it’s a highly appreciable thing.

Lack of confidence

If you don’t do masturbation, your focus becomes super strong. When you’re focused at your work, your confidence level goes high. You are able to concentrate more on anything you do and being confident in front of a huge audience is a great achievement. If you quit masturbation, you can achieve it. To experience the same you have to practice it. If you quit masturbation, you will feel motivated all the time. You will experience inner happiness and your self esteem will be so high. This will eventually make your energy to improve and you will experience better physical health.

Poor Memory

Often students complain as they grow up that their ability to memorize is declining. If you’re also experiencing the same, just check the frequency of your masturbation. When you retain your semen it just keeps adding to your brain power. So, as a student you must quit masturbation and enhance your memory. Lack of memory means you are not able to concentrate properly which is a result of frequent or excessive masturbation.

Porn addiction leads to masturbation addiction too!

Sperm Quality

You probably have heard the words healthy or unhealthy sperms. Your body produces millions of sperms on a daily basis but it takes almost 64 days for a sperm to become mature. From production till maturation, the whole cycle is called spermatogenesis. Will this be a nice thing that you ejaculate premature sperms daily? These things are not absolute. So, whenever a research is done on such biological issues, you will get approximate results as these are biostatistics only. This is where the opposite talkers act upon to convince you not to quit masturbation. It’s your responsibility to save quality sperm for your future generation.

Penis health

One of the important issues which as a student you won’t realize is the deterioration of your penis. When you masturbate, you adjust your hand grip which is a stronger force than a vaginal grip. Continuous hand pressure deforms your penis shape and size. With time you develop a habit of masturbating without using any lubricant. Now, the rough portion of your palm just below your fingers rubs with the soft and sensitive below tip portion of your penis. There is a maximum chance of skin damage or developing vitiligo. No medicine can cure vitiligo completely. Moreover, the dermatologist can’t use the heating treatment as the scrotum area or your penis is highly sensitive to heat. Heating may lead to infertility. So, the physician avoids heating treatment in such soft areas. If you don’t want to face this terrible situation later on before your marriage, quit masturbation now!

Abnormal Intercourse

Naturally a man can last for a genuine period in bed while doing sexual intercourse with his partner. But when someone is used to his hands more than a vagina, then he doesn’t ejaculate easily. After the intercourse, he has to masturbate again in order to ejaculate which is not a healthy sexual behaviour. This will make your marriage life unhappy. So, don’t let your mind disguise you by telling the word “ok tomorrow”. Quit masturbation now!


You have seen that your nervous system, semen and the act of masturbating is interconnected. This means your brain has a connection with masturbation. As a student, the sexual fantasies are normal when you’re in between 15 to 21. You will often masturbate thinking of the girl you admire the most at the moment. You probably have heard of the NOFAP movement which is practicing Brahmacharya during the youth stage. This is all about not letting go of your creative energies. To quit masturbation, you must set a purpose in your mindset which is higher than sex.

Masturbation helps you in calming down. It releases sexual tension. In early days, this urge or energy was managed through marriage at an young age. Nowadays, youths like to marry at a later age. So, our concern should be managing the sexual urge not through masturbation but through activities like reading books, dancing, singing, sports, yoga etc. It is better if you can always be with people engaging in productive activities. But if are lonely or an introvert, you can pursue some good hobbies.

Your semen is a storehouse of power which no dietary amino acids can replace. So, it’s better you quit masturbation now! Still many doctors or experts will say in favour of this habit. But there may be some reasons behind such comments. You become angry sometimes if you suppress sex. Here, your sexual energy has taken the form of anger. So, direct your energy to something that is more productive to you as a person.

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